DaNmed if you do, danmed if you donít! This is how I consider Haitiís situation with Wyclef running for president. Too early to applause, too late to criticize. To better understand these terms ,we need to have a better picture of Haitiís Politics and we also need to ask a lot of questions before we come to the conclusion of : one would vote for Wyclef or not?

The country had lost its prestigious figures since after the 1986.The end of The Duvalierís regime that was  for some misunderstood  and for others a Dictatorial regime hard enough to remember but not too easy to forget because,today again , no one has done anything better than The Tonton Macoute.

After more than 30 years of the Duvalier, a new generation of Haitians had called for a change without any program that could possibly bring our nation one step higher, instead, they had just started the Machine of Destruction of the Caribbean Island by believing in a person instead of imposing together a much better system than the one before. Haitiís damage became more catastrophic when ex president ARISTIDE had decided to work more with militancy then the competency;  From this path of Destruction of Haiti, emerges the †gangs of Haiti, the devaluation of Haitiís government, the instability of our institution, the Hijackings that bring Haitiís society to itís ground, and also eliminate the bourgeoisie and itsí commerce.

After the removal of Aristide a flow of politicians has also fallen in giving Haiti a new direction because they too are the result of a bad politics and a bad system implanted in Haiti for the last two hundreds years .None of them had invested in Haitiís society or in any social program where the people can be the beneficiary not the victim. They all have the same nostalgia: To Be president. In Haiti this title or this job is a personal matter, it is not about the People. It is only a level of Instruction, and when you get to that point, you become the most powerful and licensed thieves of Haiti; or as James Bond would have called them: LICENCED TO KILL.

Now let me dwell in the past for you to remember Haitiís political Fact.

1957-1981- Haitiís was the most respectful island of the Caribbean. Not everyone was involved in political matter and there were only those who stand against the government and those who had a different ideology ,would have  to suffer, from the punishment of the Dictatorial regime. The country was respected by others around the world because of the character of its presidency , Our politicians and leaders were well prepared to represent our country. And most of them were in the mid 40ís and 60ís and came from different universities of the world.

1981-1986 the Baby Doc Movement brought to the class of Bourgeois, the Hope that their sons too, could one day,become the President of a beautiful country. Because Jean Claude was only 19 when he was placed by his father, as president .His failure was his wedding with Michelle Bennett. A fact that divides the Tonton Macout and drove them to the end of an Era.

In 1990, when Aristide became President, he too made everyone believe, a son of any Haitian mother (black or white, rich or poor) could also be president one day. He fails at representing us as who we are by supporting the militancy instead of competency. Even today we are still paying these consequences.

If history evolutes with time, we are close to another 30 years after the Duvalierís regime .So Iím not surprise that all these failures bring us up close and personal to Mr. Wyclef Jean as a Presidential Candidate. And this is a perfect example of my only definition of Haiti: A country where the impossible became the possible and the possible became the impossible.

And the main cause of that is a lack of education, lack of government regulations, lack of social movement and organization. Too much poverty, too much †anger and abuses. And when you put the political and natural disaster together Haiti is today the worst and catastrophic place to be on earth, where a man life is worth no more then $10.00. I mean someone can easily kill you for that much money, and politics became the market of the poor.

And this is exactly how our politician wants it to be. As long as they could easily buy your vote, they wonít care about issues that matter or the real needs of the Society. This system only works for them not for the people.

After such devaluation of our country, it looks normal for some today to claim Mr. Wyclef Jean as a candidate, not only for living in the USA (where he could adopt a different personality) but also for being a rich black man that not only, as Aristide offers a piece of bread to the people, Wyclef gave that piece of bread through his organization (YELE Haiti)Once again, a nation where poverty reigns,  and where a VOTE could easily be bought  and paid with a loaf of bread or with a

( CHEN JAMBE )  Haiti's most popular and cheap daily meal.Politics became the Passion fruit of Haiti's destruction and election is always in Haiti the biggest tool of Division ,because nobody ever invested time and effort educating the People .

Iím no one to criticize the Artist, but I believe the willingness of helping also brought him the Nostalgia of every other citizen who believes the only way to help Haiti is just to Be President. My Point of View is different and,it is better  for Mr Wyclef to keep doing what he was doing.Because there he would accomplish more for Haiti rather than being a president.

We call on every good citizen of Haiti to think twice before approving or disapproving on this matter. We need to take this approach seriously because it is not about Wyclef. It is more about us, what WYCLEF represents for us: The most respectful Social Figure of Haiti for this Generation. The International Ambassador of the Haitian culture around the world. So we should not let him fall .We need to Step up and tell Mr. WYCLEF that his representation can not be vanished.

Even, if the Haitian King of Music believes that his political involvement in Haiti affaires is just to reshape Haitiís Politics, by bringing administrative reforms to the government, I still donít understand why is taking this step. As an Ambassador of culture, as a missionary of good will and †faith, he is as influential as any Haitiís president of the last decade.