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To liberate ourselves as Haitians

Many of us think that is the most difficult thing to do as a citizen of Haiti, but let me tell you how easy and important it is.As long as you accept to be only at the level where you at, or to no longer concern about anything that had happened in Haiti whether good or bad, to refuse to participate in the political matter of Haiti, because you consider yourself to be from another planet and you are so different then those living in Haiti ,well you are still living in the past .Beginning today , we need to re-educate ourselves as Haitians ,and better prepare ourselves to be  good  citizens .We also need to invest in our youngsters by offering them a much valuable program of education that gives better results. We need to produce more professionals, handymen and intellectuals to better serve Haiti and its future.

It  is also been proven for over two hundred years, that no one would really want Haiti to be a better place and it is only the Haitian people that can only solve the problems of Haiti. It has been proven that this generation of Haitians, the politicians had fallen to the ground and had no plan to better serve Haiti and its people, They were not educated enough for that, they became the enemy of our nation. To redefine ourselves we need to refer to ourselves to the Act of Independence of Haiti ,where Jean Jacques Dessalines had mentioned :”And If for any moment ,and for anyone who refuse or accept with complaints the law that the Lord who protect our destiny , inspire me to apply for your liberty, you deserve the penalty of all traitors. That means DEATHROW is to be in our constitution , and  should be applicable to any citizen who violates our guidance of protection of our  Nation.


To appreciate ourselves as Haitians :

This become an important issue because it starts to affect everyone in our society. A country where we do not learn to appreciate ourselves, or to love and respect one another, where we refuse to appreciate ourselves as who we are, can really bring down our self esteem to  such a low level that we became incompetents, we make ourselves believe we can not be creative, or can not even be productive . That why we, as Haitians seem not like to applause others that‘s normally do good. We became so negative that we always want to compare ourselves to another Haitian or to what someone else is doing as Haitian. We complain always about those who do goods by saying: He thinks he knows something. To those who do bad, we applause because their actions make us believe that we are superior than them. There is always this sensation, this lack of understanding each other. There is always a fight of conceptions, fights from being from different classes. This evil way of living impacts our society so much that we became the "enemy of ourselves". We are so jealous, that we fight one against another for almost no reason. Now if we try to understand the causes why we are like that ,I would say : the political instability, the mal practice of our politician, the natural catastrophe or destructions that are never been replaced. The cost of living in Haiti is so high that we became our own fighters .So we have no way to support someone else or no time to help or to share . We need to create another society where our kids could better play together , could learn and live together. So they could also grow up together as one people, one nation indivisible for a much better society where respect and appreciation will always flow. The more we learned how to value ourselves as people , as friends and neighbors society will completely change but this time for the better. That is why I want to bring the Nation under one umbrella of a National foundation, where its rules , once applicable will give the same results every where it stages.

SHARE , Society Haitienne Artistique Rehabilitation Enfantine.

Our main goal is to invest into our youngsters of Haiti to make them a better citizens .

Always Be Haitian.

We ask ourselves how could it be for some one like us not to be one of us .It seems to be hard to understand ,but it is very possible to be. Because the characteristic of being Haitian is someone who adapt easily to anybody or anything, we loved those who love us, we care for those who care for us ,we have the ability to learn quickly, to create or to do things with our barely hands. We always dream big either as one or as a nation. Besides all these we are very impatient, we reject quickly people with other opinion or anyone with an ideology different then ours. Lacks of institutions in Haiti made us very self oriented people, that is also the reason why, we don’t work together as group. We don’t do buisiness together as investors, we don’t believe in long term investment. We pay more attention to our living days then to our future. And it is so  clear even in our government, our leaders never try to execute any program for the future of Haiti .They care more on How much they could earn for themselves even if they have to exile the country. IF they were all Haitians, they would stay there after their term good or bad, to invest their wealth  in the country they belong to, not in the hands of those we fought for our liberty. Our leaders are not Haitians because they never look at once The Act Of Independence of Haiti. If they did, they would have known  better how to guide our country ,they would have known how to keep themselves high and proud. At least, they would have known   easily, how to  identify the enemy of Haiti. So they are not Haitians and Jean Jacques Dessalines would have said to them again : “ If any of you who refuses or accepts with complaints the rules that the Lord who inspires me to apply for your liberty. Your ingratitude should be severely punished “.We can not be Haitians, if our constitution doest not reflect this great set of  rules of law. We all could be better Haitians if we introduce together a program in our society that  help us invest in our communities ,that help us  create jobs, educate our kids and prepare them for the next generation. We need to work under one umbrella  ,a set of rules ,or a national organization that will give the same result everywhere. That is why we introduce to you in Gonaives,

SHARE,Societe Haitienne Artistique Rehabilitation Enfantine :

our regional foundation for a better Haiti.