Someone who gives once and what ever , for a good cause and does not show  any interest on what we do as organization, work or program .But that person understands  the basic of our project.

# 2

Someone who supports  the organization timely or invests  directly in any of our program where he or she believes in fullfilling the needs of others such as scholarship-feeding program and healthcare  .This particular donation could be done monthly or yearly depending on the type of program supported.


Some one who gave us more then $1000.00 or who helped us cover the complete cost of a program ($2500) that’s will cover the needs  for more then 50 kids per program .This Honorable sponsor will receive an Award of Support  for every year that he or she stood with our organization. And for the clarity of our accountability, his or her name will be posted in our List of Honor.

We call on Dr Joseph Joachim Benoit OF Sunrise Medical Center,

located at 5211 North East 2 nd Ave, Miami FL

our #1 sponsor of the year 2010 .for investing $ 500.00 as a support to the fondation. This money is to be spent on ,equipments

and materials, forms ,identification and other cards that we need for processing the Inscription.