“Where is all  the Money?
Who is controlling the Help we sent???”

Original is in French- Translation is in Bold

List of Private NGO's  (Organizations) who collected help and money
for Haiti after the Earthquake.
They Collected  1.1 Milliard for

1- La Croix Rouge a collectee US$725 millions au niveau mondial. Des
US$725 millions, la Croix Rouge Americaine a recue  US$444 millions.
L'organisation a recue des promesses au telephone de l'ordre de US$32millions.
-Red Cross collected $725 million over the world. The United States
Red Cross collected $444 and they had a pledge of $32 over the phone.

2-Catholic Relief Services a collecte US$135.7 millions-

Catholic Relief Services collected US$135.7 millions

3-Medecins sans Frontieres a collecte US$ 124 millions au niveau
mondiale et US$61.1 millions aux Etats Unis-
Doctors without borders collected US$ 124 millions around the world
and US$61.1 millions in the United States

4-World Vision a collecte 103 millions au niveau mondial et US$41
millions aux Etats Unis-
World Vision collected 103 millions around the World and  US$41
millions in the United States

 5-Le telethon des acteurs et artistes maericains a collecte US$ 76 millions-
Telethon American Actors and artists Americans collected US$ 76 million

6-Partners in Health du Dr. Paul Farmer a collecte US$66 millions-
Partners in Health by Dr. Paul Farmer collected US$66 millions

7-Unicef a collecte US$65.4 millions-

Unicef collected US$65.4 millions

8-Clinton Bush Initiative a collecte US$37 millions -

Clinton Bush Initiative collected US$37 millions

9-Save the Children a collecte 35.1 millions au niveau mondial et
US$25 millions aux Etats Unis-
Save the Children  collected 35.1 millions around the World and  US$25
millions in the US

10-Project HOPE a distribue US$35 millions en medicaments et US$1.7
millions en cash-
Project HOPE  distributed US$35 millions in Medecine and  US$1.7
millions en cash

11-Plan USA a collecte au US$32.6 millions au niveau mondiale et US$2
millions aux Etats Unis-
Plan USA  collected around the world  US$32.6 millions  and US$2
millions  in the US.

12-Salvation Army a collecte US$20.5 millions-

Salvation Army collected US$20.5 millions

13-Catholic Medical Mission Board a collecte 19.6 millions en
medicaments et US$1.92 millions en cash-
Catholic Medical Mission Board collected 19.6 millions in medicine and
US$1.92 millions in cash

14-Care USA a collecte US$17.75 millions-

Care USA  collected US$17.75 millions


15-Yele Foundation, Wyclef Jean a collecte US$16 millions-Yele
Foundation, Wyclef Jean collected US$16 millions

16-AmeriCares a collecte US$16 millions-

AmeriCares collected US$16 millions

17-Mercy Corps a collecte US$14.6 millions-

Mercy Corps collected US$14.6 millions

18-The United Methodist Committee US$14.5 millions-The United
Methodist Committee  collected US$14.5 millions

19-Fondation Clinton a collecte US$14.5 millions-

Fondation Clinton collected US$14.5 millions

20-Friends of the World Food Program US$13.1 millions-

Friends of the World Food Program US$13.1 millions

21-International Relief and Development a recu US$12.5 millions en
produits et US$345.000 en cash-
International Relief and Development received US$12.5 millions in
products and  US$345.000 in cash

22-Habitat for Humanity US$11.5 millions-

Habitat for Humanity collected  US$11.5 millions

23-Mennonite Central Committee a collecte US$8.1 millions au Canadan
et US$5.18 millions aux Etats Unis-
Mennonite Central Committee collected US$8.1 millions Canadian and
US$5.18 millionsin US.

24-Action Against Hunger a collecte US$7 millions-

Action Against Hunger  collected US$7 millions

25-Adventist Development and Relief Agency a collecte US$6.9 millions-
Adventist Development and Relief Agency  collected US$6.9 millions

26-International Rescue Committee a collecte US$6.6 millions-
International Rescue Committee collected US$6.6 millions

27-Lutheran World Service a collecte US$6.5 millions-

Lutheran World Service collected US$6.5 millions

28-Direct Relief International a collecte US$6.1 millions-

Direct Relief International  collected US$6.1 millions

29-American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee a collecte US$6.1 millions-
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee  collected US$6.1 millions

30-International Medi Corps a collecte US$6 millions-

International Medi Corps  collected US$6 millions

31-American Jewish World Service a collecte US$5.7 millions-
American Jewish World Service  collected US$5.7 millions

32-Operation USA a recu US$5.7 millions en produits et US$1.4 en cash-
Operation USA received US$5.7 millions in products and US$1.4 million in cash.

33-Cross International a collecte US$4.6 millions-

Cross International collected US$4.6 millions

34-Medical Team International a collecte US$4.5 millions-

Medical Team International collected US$4.5 millions

35-The University of Miami a collecte US$4.4. millions-

The University of Miami collected US$4.4. millions

36-The UN Foundation a collecte US$3.9 millions-

The United Nations Foundation collected US$3.9 millions

37-Concern Worldwide US a collecte US$3.2 millions-

Concern Worldwide US collected US$3.2 millions

38-Church World Service a collecte US$3.2 millions-

Church World Service collected US$3.2 millions

39-The Lions Club International a collecte US$2.4 millions-

The Lions Club International collected US$2.4 millions

40-Islamic Relief USA a collecte US$2.1 millions-

Islamic Relief USA collected US$2.1 millions

41-The Unitarian Universalist Committee a collecte US$1.84 millions-
The Unitarian Universalist Committee collected US$1.84 millions

42-Panamerican Development Foundation a collecte US$1.61 millions-
Panamerican Development Foundation collected US$1.61 millions

43-Heifer International a collecte US$1.4 millions-

Heifer International collected US$1.4 millions

44-Fonkoze USA a collecte US$1.26 millions-

Fonkoze USA collected US$1.26 millions

45-Feed the Children a collecte US$ 1 million-

Feed the Children collected US$ 1 million

46-The Humane Society of the United States a collecte US$1 million-
The Humane Society of the United States collected US$1 million


47-Oxfam a collecte US$100 millions au niveau mondiale et 23.2
millions aux Etats Unis-
Oxfam a collecte US$100 millions millions around the world et 23.2
millions in the United States


Where is all  the Money?
Who is controlling the Help we sent???
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