Nice Simon ?


  I love you anne

Interview registered in Miami, and presented by Dessalines Joachim


Nice Simon

Hi Dessalines

and I salute everyone who watch me at this moment

my name is Nice Simon


Today ,it is a great pleasure to talk to you in order to attend my objectif which is to tell a lot more people about you and make them know you much better and every little thing about you as a super star


question 1

Dessalines        Can you elaborate more on Who you are. where you from, on        

even on your personality for our spectators to know many more things about you ?

Nice simon       

                    I came from  the SIMON 'S family  at the northen county side of Haity,specifically a town

name Lymbee a few miles away from Cap Haitian .  where I did My primary classes and part of my secondary classes

at a school names Regina Sunta. Then I have moved to Port Au Prince where I

finished my secondary classes at the institute of Roger Anglade .I did four years at

the Faculty of Civil Engeneer (Kiskeya) and two years at Etnology where I Learn sociology


This is an information that not too many people was aware  of it. Because they normally 

look at you as a Super Star instead of a Professional or what ?

Nice simon

Even before  I became a Movie Star,I always want to be a professional  and a very

well educated person


But most of the poeple always beleive that , by being a professional,some one could

easily do much better things and attend his or her goal quicker. But why are-you making

that choice of being a Star or are you dropping your professional
career just to be a Star  ?

Nice Simon

I'am potentially prepared to do both without any trouble at all