It was the 10 th day of Febuary,2008 when  the doctor  alerted me of a Cancer diagnosis. It was such a terrible news and we promptly realized that we were in a middle of urge crisis. And my wife an I, right after we were being notified, we had decided  to manage the crisis with calm and also with an elevated moral. The first  decision that we took was to whom as a friend,we are going to tell our story, because we do not want  to negatively impact  too many of our friends. Then I have decided to continue  on doing my personal and  daily things. My biggest preocupation is the short notice  and the time it  takes  for the test and preparation of the surgery.I feel the fear because I wonder how bad the tumor was   and how easily it could be   spread   At the beginning this was the toughest  moments of my life ,and the worst time   was when the doctor had told me that clearly it was  a carcinoma cancer caused by a bacteria that I have in my cell. But ,eventhought,I stillhave the got to think ,due to the fact of bad experiences in  in the past and due to bad promesses  made by some of the people who choose not to like me at all  , that it was an  unnatural thing. Then I became very confused  and I even thought to go for a check up  in Haiti. I took some advises  from some of my friends and family where the feelings were mixed. So that means no one could really tell me what is the perfect decision that  I could take and every one leaves me with an open door.This is when the moment of true  came in  and  make me feel that I am the one and only person that could take the right decision at the right time. So  I decided to turn myself to God whom I believe is the only one that can save my life and also can make my miracle.I think all of my friends and everyone else , who prayed for me and also those who believed that  only God could  make  the    miracle  needed . I'm happily  decided to turn myself to God and  I  deeply believe that he will help me for real. Let me tell you about my faithful story of God, he who loves you no matter when, no matter where and no matter what. God will perform any type of a miracle if and when he needs to. I took my personal miracle as any other that has been written in the Holly bible such as ,the ones that his son Jesus has made, the multiplication of bread, the resurrection of Lazarus and he made a blind men see  ect.What is so great to understand on the performance of all these miracles ,every single person who had called  for any of these miracles had a great amount of Faith.  And   I do believe that it was also my case because according to what the doctor had said , my type of Gastric Cancer was amongthe most dangerous one and also the most fastest and easy spread one. He also mentioned that in his 25 years of experience, this is the first time that that someone had  walked in  his clinic with this type of cancer ,on a very early stage, because most of the people who came in with this type of cancer always wait until the cancer has spread. Because it is a type that no one would easily notice notice if , until after it spreads.And God continues to perform his miracle the day of the surgery  and even after and the recovery time. Cause a week after the surgery, all the doctors were surprised and could not explain how fast and well that I have been recovered. Well let me tell you ,I never ask the Lord for something, and remember that he never gave it to me. And I also rememberwhen I have prayed for this specific miracle, I was deeply connected with God in my personal prayers and also all those  family members and friends who had prayed for me. I'd like to think you all for your concerns,   for your prayers and atthe same time to remind you that  God is good, he is great and he could  change any situation if you  ask him to. But all you need is faith. And I always believe that God has a plan for me, and I'm not being intelligent enough to know what it is. But all I know that he saves my life for a reason.And my faith tell me for you to watch and time will tell. You will soon see the power of God.The reason I wrote this page is  first remember  one of the greatest thing that God did for me, and

it is also my testimony of faith and love to all of you who believe in the presence of GOD.