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proving the world that our action was in vain. It is also the main  purpose of our poverty today. The Act of Independence,  is  a reminder to them  to always create the fear, for able ,not to be able,   to repeat  such a revolution.  The presence of Minustha ,in Haiti, is to guarantee  repression,and to make sure  the slavery market grows in Haiti and to assure poor conditions are   always in . They are not over there to help us rebuild, they are not there to help us create an atmosphere of acceptance. They are in Haiti to take vengeance of the revolution of 1791, the great wars of Vertieres in 1803, that brought us to a golden accomplishment of being :The First Black and Independent  Republic of the World. It took some of them 60 years before they recognized that. These are the reasons   why our kids are being raped today, our citizens are being eliminated, mistreated or killed. Our monuments, schools and memorials are all being destroyed. Our friends  always want to make us destroy ourselves, to make us lose our pride and to help us reject our identity. That is why our old schools became  military base, our monument are being stolen  and our citizens are being beaten ect...Our friends are so good at bringing us down, we won’t even notice it, we won’t even feel it and the worst thing is, we became:

a) so poor, we always ask them to help .b) so obsess of being like them,we all rejected our nationality  c) so damn, we have destroyed ourselves, our country and personals. And if anyone lucky enough to become a citizen of Haiti who cares about society, or someone who realizes that our brothers are being mistreated, someone who recognizes that our poor conditions are unacceptable, then there is always someone else in Haiti to offer you a golden visa for a trip to any of our three king countries. Now, can you tell me who in Haiti wouldn’t want to leave these poor conditions? And can you find me one person in the  Diaspora who really wants to go back to theses terrible conditions? Before I continue, I’d like to dwell in the past history of Haiti by looking back from 1804 to today and do the math.What we finally realize is our country is young as a child, and we still need to hold its revolution. Two hundreds years is a very short period of time, after our revolution as a nation, and let us all stop saying that we are wasting our time. This is not true, we need come together and do the math.Our country became a nation in 1804, right after its independence. The colons took 60 years before recognizing the fact In 1864, Instability and lack of political knowledge drove us to 1915 ,US occupation that took another 30 years. We involunteerily lose another 40 years of the Duvaliers, because we could not yet understand the colons and the ideology of Duvalier himself. The war is still on by making us fight one self, in supporting for the last 30 years, government in Haiti that has no program, no plan and no interest to change the political atmosphere of Haiti. If you add up all these  timeframes of instability, you will realize that that 207 years are still nothing, our country has never been stable, and we are still at war ,and we need a better strategy or a better plan to :


 a) redefine ourselves as Haitian

 b) Liberate ourselves as Haitians

 c) to appreciate our selves as Haitian

 d) Be always Haitians .

1-To redefine ourselves as Haitians, we have  to put ourselves in our forefathers shoes, by dreaming  the life they had been living as  slaves, and  before our Independence. We immediately find the toughness, the crimes, the abuses, the pain and the killings. We saw on our dreams that our fathers are being beaten and the scars are still there, our great mothers are being raped ,these feelings today again hurt, our great brothers and sisters are being expelled  from their own families to be sold to a white master,to a colon blanc as history call them. Compare all that in the past as a  homeless person today , and feel how  he lives in . Can you imagine yourself being   in the streets, you are tired and you have no place to lie down? It is raining, and you have no place to go, you are hungry and have no food to eat .You want to take a nap, you have no house and no bed . Can you also imagine that you are living in a world where you have no family, no friends to talk to, no ones to love and to share your thoughts and feelings? These are nothing yet compared to what our forefathers had lived into as being slaves. So I really don’t understand when someone as a “Haitian” can tell me that it is worthless to be an Independent nation.  Then lets ask ourselves: are we smarter than our forefathers ?  Or as Haitians ,do you ever look at “The Act of Independence of Haiti”? Now let me redraw some lines for you and then you will redefine yourself.

  • Le sermont de renoncer jamais á la France, de mourir plustôt que de vivre sur sa domination et de combattre jusqu’au dernier soupir pour l’indépendance.

  • Ce n’est pas assez d’avoir expulsé de votre pays les barbarres qui l’ont  ensanglanté depuis deux siecles.Ce n’est pas assez d’avoir  mis un frein aux factions toujours renaissantes qui se joueaient tour- a -tour du fantôme de la liberté que la France exposait  á vos yeux.Il faut ravir au gouvernement inhumain qui tient depuis longtemps nos esprits dans la torpeur la plus humiliante , tout espoir de nous réasservir; il faut enfin vivre indépendants ou mourir.

  • Qu’avions–nous de commun avec ce peuple bourreau ? sa cruauté comparée avec notre patiente modération,sa couleur à la nôtre, l’étendue des mers qui nous séparent , notre climat vengeur nous disent assez qu’ils ne sont pas nos frères.qu’ils ne le dviendront jamais.Et que s’ils se trouvent un asile parmis nous, ils seront encore les marchinateurs de nos troubles et de nos divisions. Sachiez que vous n’aviez rien fait, si vous ne donnez aux nations un exemple terrible,mais juste, de la vengeance que doit  exercer un peuple fier d’avoir recrouvé  sa liberté et jaloux de la maintenir .Effrayons tous ceux qui oseraient tenter de nous la ravir encore: commençons par les Francais.

    7  - Et si jamais tu refusais ou recevais en murmurant les lois     que le geni qui veille á tes destines me dictera pour ton bonheur tu meriterais le sort des peuples ingrats.


The Act of our Independence should be included in our constitution, and should be studied and memorized by every Haitian citizen and also be used as a guidance to define ourselves as who we are

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