Premier Festival Rara

GONAYV.COM, supports everyone in particular that ,at least  and once has tried to do a positive thing in this community in order to raise  our dignity and pride  for being Haitian.The world had changed so dramatically today, and our brothers,freinds and neighbors , every one live today with a lot of tress  and difficulty And even those who sometimes smile , need to cry because of the pressure of working and the cost of living . So we as leader need to participate in helping

our society ,by doing more of these social activities ,not only in music but anything else that we can do  that will first expend our culture around the world and then  will bring a great smile to face .

 Festival Rara need to be a Festival of Unity since NeneJeudy does his thing( Yon lot Jan ) We suggest for next year (Bande à Pied )  (course à sac) Jeu d'aveugle ( concours de dominos) Course à Bycyclette et même un Championat de Baskett

Concours de blagues-poemes et chansons ect

What will make Festival Rara different is everyone will find in this programation something they like.


Vive Haiti