Haiti, the first Black republic of the world


A title that we all should be proud of, an historic accumplishment that our ancestors  have made with long-lasting  sacrifices. A revolution that changed the civilization and a price that even today we as, “Haitians around the world are still paying for.”

Some people have asked why for such a great accomplishment we are paying such an evil debt? Let me tell you: Freedom isn’t free, Freedom isn’t cheap.Today, if we look closely to  Haiti's evolution, we  conclude that : many countries  had drove our nation to its own path of destruction by implanting bad policies on Haiti’s government 

Since after the US invasion in 1915, due to our   inability to   negotiate politically.The US  support only those  who served  to their benefits but not  the interest of Haiti. They  have helped  more on destroying than constrecting , by working with those who had no experience in political affair. That  drove our country : Haiti to its final stage and made all ofus,  believe that Haiti is no longer our safe heaven.

  Huge investments were made not only to destabilize the country,but to keep us always divided, to wrongly educated and prepared us as Slave of the 21st Century.That why no Haitian wants to stay or live in Haiti because of fear and incapacity of living, destabilizations, lacks of government, and the poor conditions that the country has fallen to. We also have the fear of the reactions of the  KINGS, and our worst nightmare today is the presence of MINUSTHA, An army of soldiers ,staged in Haiti,  while America is fighting two wars (Afghanistan and Iraq ) two places, where we believe Minustha would  be better off serving  its Kings, then wasting its  time, efforts and money ,protecting the International Market of Slavery. Today, we call on all Haitians to recognize that we are the only country in the world where our people are being exported for international Slavery.

 On January 1st, 1804, we proclaimed our Independence, that means we have sworn: to no longer and during our existence, as a nation ,accept to live under the repression of any country  such as France and others that  treat us as SLAVE. We have sworn to live free and independent as long as we live as a Nation. A strong statement, that remains today again, the main purpose or reason of  our enemies to abuse us ,as the First Black and Independent nation. This also drove their motivation to bring us all down by

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